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Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna
Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna

Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna

Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna

Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna
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Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna

Ingrosso Abbigliamento Donna

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Confezioni Emanuela s.r.l.
Via G. La Pira, 9
59011 | Seano Carmignano - Prato (PO)
Tuscany – Italy
Tel. +39 055 8705800
Tel. +39 055 8706396
Fax +39 055 8707358
Vat 01681530976


CONFECTION EMANUELA s.r.l for approximately 30 years produces a collection of clothes for women, having a considerable success thanks to the taste and its Italian style.

A young and dynamic staff constantly is engaged in the stylistic search and the development of new fashion tendencies in order to propose always new and original collections to its customers.

The company in the course of the years has had a continuous development of image and customers, the best quality guarantee of its products.

CONFECTION EMANUELA s.r.l is increasingly becoming a very successful retailer of clothes for women.

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